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Data Protection
& Recovery

Your Data is the heart and soul of your Business. Costs associated with data loss - and resulting downtime - can be prohibitive. Regular data backup is a must for organizations - but is only one aspect of a Business Disaster Recovery plan. Proper planning should be done to ensure that your business can continue in the face of disaster.

No single solution is guaranteed to prevent an attack, A MULTILAYERED SOLUTION IS NEEDED & HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Global Storm HELPS businesses take a proactive approach to vulnerability management and threat mitigation.

Our solution includes:​​

  • Protection & Remediation: Provides advanced virus, spyware and malware prevention to protect your organization.

  • Back Up: Remote backup of servers, desktops and laptops for business continuity & disaster recovery planning.

  • Remote Monitoring & Management: protect corporate and
    remote users through a fully automated and continuous
    monitoring and analysis regime - 365x24x7.


Moving to GSIT's solution means you simply subscribe to a service
that consolidates multiple stand-alone IT and security tools into one.

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