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Break free from your outdated phone system and enter the future of communications today.


No matter the size of your business, Hosted IP Office (HIPO)  is a surprisingly flexible, affordable technology that will offer you the same, sophisticated communication tools your enterprise-size competitors have. Get access to a  perfect combination of affordability and flexibility.


  • Affordable: HIPO has a notably low total cost of ownership since you can incorporate existing devices. On average, the total cost of ownership is at least 25% less than a standard phone system.

  • More Productivity: HIPO means that your employees can connect with a variety of communication features including instant messaging, video chat, text-to-speech email reading and traditional phone calls.

  • Easy to Use: System management is as easy as dragging and dropping. HIPO features are well-designed so your employees can use them without hours of training.

  • Scalability: While your small business might be just that now, one of your eventual goals is probably growth. A small business now might be a large business in 10 years! Hosted IP Office can grow alongside your business, as it is perfect for 2-1,000 users across up to 32 different sites.

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